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I help professionals on the verge of burnout take control of their head, their health and their happiness once and for all.  I run a ‘telemedicine’ practice and work with patients worldwide via Skype/Phone.

Dr. Salna Smith ND


4 Month Revitalize Program

This Concierge Naturopathic Program is for you if;

  • You’ve been struggling with one or more of the following; lack of energy and focus, weight changes, sleep disturbances and mood upset and are tired of spending you precious time finding the right doctor and treatment method that works for you
  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want nothing more than to put your health in the hands of a qualified medical expert who is trained to put back together the pieces of your health puzzle so they finally FIT!
  • You value the care of a medical expert to offer health and wellness advice
  • You enjoy doctor visits from the comfort of your own home/office and at your convenience
  • You’d love to regain your youthful energy so that you can conquer whatever life throws your way with confidence and ease
  • And, if you recognize that balance is a myth and the real secret to health and happiness is having a consistently high, get up and go energy that gives you that ‘I’ve got this!’ feeling…

Book a 30 Min Complimentary Health Strategy Session today!


Get Your Focus & Energy Back So You Can CONQUER YOUR DAY!


Balance is a sadly, a myth – let me show you how to have the SUSTAINABLE ENERGY you deserve to creates not only health, but happiness amongst the chaos. Once and for all take control of your mood, sleep restfully, enhance focus, lose weight and feel energized!

Stop burning the candle at both ends!

Choose today to embrace a level of health this is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Feel vital, happier and healthier so you can ultimately be more productive and focused on what matters most in your life.

This is your game-changer!

If you’re ready to finally have a health professional tailor a wellness plan that allows you to accomplish your priorities with confidence and ease, you’re IN THE RIGHT PLACE.


I’m your concierge Naturopathic Doc here to take you from overwhelmed and exhausted to calm, confident and re-energized – for good. I’ve been there. Too tired to focus, disrupted sleep, weight gain and mood swings. Argh. We all deserve to have a sustainable energy so we can accomplish our priorities with ease – am I right? If you’re an overwhelmed professional who craves to have their health routine revamped and tailored to YOU by a licensed medical expert from the comfort of your own home or office, we’ll make a great team!

Dr. Salna


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