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Is Yours Making You Sick?

This 3 min quiz will help determine what level of adrenal fatigue exists for you and what it means for your current and future health. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if once and for all you could pinpoint why you feel so exhausted?

Add the number of statements that match how you feel and let’s do this!


1.  I often feel dizzy when I get up from a lying position.

2.  I hate mornings – I don’t have any energy until at least 10am or after I’ve had my daily coffee

3.  Sex drive? What sex drive?

4.  I catch whatever colds/flu are going around and they seem to last longer than they used to

5.  I seem to be holding onto weight around my abdomen – what’s that all about?

6.  Oh yup, I hit that 3pm wall – that’s when I want to reach for something sweet to help me focus

7.  I get a short energy boost after meals

8.  My best time of day is after 6pm – I get this burst of energy and even if I feel sleepy around 9-10pm, I usually just push through. I’ve got things to check off my to-do list!

9.  I’ve noticed my PMS has gotten significantly worse

10.  I find myself sighing often

11.  My allergies are awful. I don’t remember them being this bad

12.  I frequently have muscle pain and/or decreased ability to recover as well when I exercise

13.  Ya I crave food – pass me anything salty!

14.  I find my mood to be more melancholy lately

15.  I jump at the slightest noise

16.  I can’t seem to regulate my body temperature – my hands and feet are usually cold, but my face can feel flushed and warm – what’s that all about?

17.  My family and friends have commented that I seem on edge lately and I tend to feel irritable and snap frequently

18.  I’m losing WAYY more hair than I used to

19.  My periods are driving me crazy! – they are heavier or seem to stop once they start and then start again.

20.  I have one or a combination of eczema, occasional hives, food sensitivities, asthma and seasonal allergies

21.  I’m worried about my memory. I’m forgetful and often lack focus and concentration.